Hosted PBXs

Office phone systems on traditional landlines are a thing of the past. Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud private branch exchange (PBX) are their successors. These telecom solutions use the internet to ensure seamless, high-quality communication at all times. There’s no need for unreliable landlines. ​

Benefits of Hosted VoIP and Cloud PBX

Saves Money

Internet-based office phone systems use your company’s network to complete calls. You don’t have to have more than one provider for your office and mobile communications. ​

Reliability ​

Local power outages can make it tough for clients to get in touch with you if your company uses a landline. However, the internet stays up 24/7. ​

Easy Conference Calls

Landline phone systems often require expensive additional services for conference calls. Cloud office phone systems have the ability to add several users to a call at no additional cost.

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